Patient Rewards

The Golden Coin Incentive Program

Our Golden Coin incentive program, contests, and monthly giveaways keep everyone excited and on the right track with their treatment plan. These programs encourage our patients to use excellent hygiene and to take care of their braces.

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Earn Coins For

Awesome Prizes

Redeem your coins for gift cards to: Amazon, Meijer, Biggby, Target, Barnes & Noble, and more. We also offer a quarterly guessing game at each appointment for an opportunity to win a pair of custom Nike ID shoes and other fun gifts.

Custom Shoe Giveaway

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How It Works

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How to Earn Golden Coins

Patients will earn one gold coin for each of the following (up to 4 coins per appointment):

1. A good grade in oral hygiene (brushing and flossing).
2. No damaged, lost or broken appliances.
3. Demonstrating outstanding compliance if you're wearing elastics.
4. Correctly answering our Trivia of the Day question.

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Earn More

Earn Bonus Golden Coins:

1. Getting your teeth cleaned at your dentist’s office (2 coins).
2. Coming in on your birthday for a scheduled appointment (1 coin).
3. Connecting with us on social media (1 coin).