Braces & Invisalign

For Kids, Teens & Adults

Dr. Grubaugh believes everyone around DeWitt and Lansing deserves a gorgeous smile. That's why, at Grubaugh Orthodontics, we provide treatments for all ages.

Orthodontics for Children


What Are the Benefits of an Early Orthodontic Evaluation?

Early evaluation at Grubaugh Orthodontics provides both timely detection of problems and greater opportunity for more effective treatment management. Early intervention can guide growth and development, preventing serious problems later.

If not necessary, an orthodontist like Dr. Grubaugh can carefully monitor development to begin treatment when it's ideal.


What Are the Advantages of Interceptive Treatment?

Early treatment is also known as interceptive treatment or Phase I treatment. Phase II treatment occurs when all of the permanent teeth erupt and usually involves a full set of braces.

Some of the most direct results of interceptive treatment are: creating room for crowded erupting teeth, creating facial symmetry through influencing jaw growth, reducing the risk of trauma of protruding front teeth, preserving space for teeth that are coming in, and reducing the need for tooth removal.

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Does Everyone Need Phase I Treatment?

No, only do certain kinds of bites benefit from early intervention. It's often best to wait until ages 9-12 before starting treatment at Grubaugh Orthodontics.

Dr. Grubaugh will diagnose and consider the individual needs of your child in order to determine the optimal time to begin treatment.

Orthodontics for Teenagers

Teens around Dewitt and Lansing nowadays tend to have a pretty active online presence. With the kind of constant sharing social media encourages, there’s more pressure than ever to look good, even before applying filters!

In spite of a penchant for posting selfies, many teens are insecure about their appearance. Spending so much time in the spotlight can sometimes be intimidating, especially if your smile is less than perfect.

Being able to accept - and embrace! - your own inner and outer beauty is an important part of growing up. But if there are options available that can improve your oral health while also improving your general appearance, why not take advantage of them?


Custom Options for Growing Teens

Although it's important for Dr. Grubaugh to monitor patients at an early age, in many cases active orthodontic treatment is not indicated until just before or during the adolescent growth spurt. This time period is important as it allows Dr. Grubaugh to use the growth of the jaws to help with treatment.

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This achieves the best bite correction in the least amount of time, and consists of a single phase of treatment while eliminating the need for two phases of treatment.

At Grubaugh Orthodontics, you can find a variety of braces, types, and styles for you and your teen to choose from. Some common options include:

  • Damon metal braces
  • Clear ceramic braces
  • Invisalign

Orthodontics for Adults

Orthodontic treatment isn't just for kids anymore. A large percentage of our patients are adults, and they all agree that it's never too late to improve one of your greatest assets – your smile.

Your smile is one of the most important features of your appearance. It’s the cornerstone of your expression, not to mention one of the first things that people around DeWitt and Lansing notice.

No matter your age, we want your teeth to be as beautiful as possible, allowing you to speak, laugh and show your personality with confidence to the world.


Choose Between Many Options

Dr. Grubaugh offers many treatment options that minimize the appearance of braces, decreases discomfort and shortens treatment time. Both of our offices also offer private reception areas, tooth brushing stations, and treatment areas separate from the children's areas for our adult patients.

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Today’s braces are smaller and sleeker, and some are next to invisible. Dr. Grubaugh can advise you on what options are recommended for your particular needs.

Read more information on types of braces and Invisalign here.